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August 17, 2014

August 13, 2014

Mai 27, 2014

Lilactric ombre

Lately I'm into nail designing again... I don't know why. Maybe because I'm addicted to all these videos on YouTube. (; Before I was at a workplace where nail polish isn't allowed, so maaaybe I'm catching up on this now.
Ok, on to the nail design: A simple light violet ombre! :D

Actually this is the first time I did an ombre nail design... sounds strange, right? Because ombre is everywhere and it's already so 'old' that I feel dumb. The reason I did this design was... I bought new nail polishes~ haaaa! I love these two colors. Below you can see how gorgeous they are. *0*

Because I couldn't decide which color I should take as base color I decided to take both. (;
A short step-by-step again:

You need: 2 or more different nail polishes (I took 2), a simple make-up sponge (you can cut it in smaller pieces so you can re-use the sponge for other designs), top coat

1.) Use the color you chose as your base color and paint it on your whole nail. Maybe you'll need two coats. I used two different colors as base coats and alternated on each finger.

2.) Use the other color and drip a few drops of polish on a piece of paper. Take your sponge, dip it in the color and now just dab it on your nails.

3.) Try to create a gradient by dabbing more color on the tip of your nail. To blend the colors and have a beautiful shine use a clear top coat. Done! :D

Easy-peasy! (;

Awww~ these colors are so pretty and I'm in love with my nails! Color #1 is Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer '30 Lilactric', #2 is essenge color & go nail polish '173 over the rainbow'.
My camera couldn't catch the gorgeousness of both colors but on the last picture you can see the shimmers a little bit. The dark polish is a blue-ish duochrome violet, the light polish is a really light violet with greenish-yellow-golden shimmer. *0*
Are these colors your cup of tea?

Mai 19, 2014

Top 5 under 5

Hello lovelies,
I guess this is a tag which goes around on YouTube and the blogosphere so I thought... why not?! :D I think some make-up related things like this are fun although I don't like all the tags.
For some girls it is really hard to choose their Top 5 under 5 €, because they mostly buy high end brands. But I'm a poor girl, so this could be something for me... but it's not that easy to find my Top 5, because I like so many things! q_q
So, here are my personal Top 5!

♥ ORLY lacquer vernis 'royal velvet'

I had luck with this polish! It's a mini version of an ORLY polish ('royal velvet') I got at a beauty exhibition. (: It's a gorgeous color and I will show you a simple nail design with it soon (: The only thing I don't like is the thin brush. I'm just in love with big nail polish brushes, because I have wide nail beds. A gorgeous color, you will see soon!

♥ Max Factor Khol Kajal '090 Natural Glaze'

The best eye pencil to brighten my eyes! (: I tend to have tired and red eyes, because I don't sleep well often, so I'm using this on my waterline. The eyes look brighter and bigger in an instant without looking too fake. It was a present, but I'll buy it again and again and again. :D

Balea Aqua cloth face mask
My favorite face mask ever! I wrote a review not too long ago here, click here. (: I love cloth masks. Korean and japanese cosmetic brands often have these cloth masks but I'm happy that masks like these are also available in german drugstores. It's perfect for every skin who needs a little more moisturizing, also for acne prone skin because it's not oily, just pure moist! :D

♥ essence eyebrow stylist set

I like the colors in this set. They are not too reddish and not too ashy, perfect for setting my eyebrow pencil, I use this in my everyday make-up routine.

♥ Rexona maximum protection 'clear scent'

Best deodorant ever. My boyfriend uses this as well, but the one 'for men'. I use this before I go to bed and at night. I have a disease called hyperhidrosis and this helps me between my botox injections to reduce sweat. (: Ideal also for summer, but be careful - it can leave white stains!

Sooo~ these are my Top 5 under 5 €! Do you know some of these products? What are your favorites or do you rather buy high end cosmetics? (:

Mai 09, 2014

Minty marble-like nail design

Hello my lovely dears, how are you? Ah~ my life right now is... quite strange. I hope you are better than me. (; So today I want to show you a nail design I created a few days ago. Surprisingly I really like this one, although I had no idea how the outcome will be. It's a minty marble nail design.

Or at least it should look like...marble? Or is it more a kind of...splattery nail art? I don't know but still hope you like it. I haven't done a real nail design for a long time. Here's a short step-by-step, without pictures because it's really, really easy:

You need: different nail polish colors you want to combine (I used 3 different!), aluminium foil or plastic wrap, top coat.

1.) Choose your base color. It doesn't matter what color it is, but it should be on the lighter side. I used a minty light blue. Paint all of your nails with it. You may need 2 coats if it's a sheer polish! Let it dry. Really, don't underestimate it, it should be dry, dry, dry... (; If not you have to repaint your nails, because you'll create a mess. ):

2.) Crumble some aluminium foil or plastic wrap (saran wrap) to a ball and paint the surface of it with a darker nail polish. You now can use this as a stamp to put the color on your nail. You can be messy, because marble- or stone-patterns are quite individual.

3.) I took another color to put it over the darker color to have a little more 'depth' on my nails. It's a sheer mint color with golden shimmer (almost like my base color but not opaque plus with shimmer). You 'stamp' this on your nails with aluminium foil or plastic wrap as well. Let this dry! Don't forget to paint a coat of top coat to save your design. I used a quick dry top coat. (:

Very easy, right? :D Try it as well!

I used the 3 colors above: 1.) essence colour & go '146 that's what I mint!' - 2.) essence colour & go '147 miss universe' - 3.) KIKO Quick Dry nail lacquer '834' (seriously, why can't companies be more creative and give their products actual names? *sigh* (; )
I don't know if any of these polishes are discontinued but you can easily recreate this nail design with other polishes and other colors! (: Just be sure to use polishes that have a good contrast so you can actually see the design.