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Mai 27, 2014

Lilactric ombre

Lately I'm into nail designing again... I don't know why. Maybe because I'm addicted to all these videos on YouTube. (; Before I was at a workplace where nail polish isn't allowed, so maaaybe I'm catching up on this now.
Ok, on to the nail design: A simple light violet ombre! :D

Actually this is the first time I did an ombre nail design... sounds strange, right? Because ombre is everywhere and it's already so 'old' that I feel dumb. The reason I did this design was... I bought new nail polishes~ haaaa! I love these two colors. Below you can see how gorgeous they are. *0*

Because I couldn't decide which color I should take as base color I decided to take both. (;
A short step-by-step again:

You need: 2 or more different nail polishes (I took 2), a simple make-up sponge (you can cut it in smaller pieces so you can re-use the sponge for other designs), top coat

1.) Use the color you chose as your base color and paint it on your whole nail. Maybe you'll need two coats. I used two different colors as base coats and alternated on each finger.

2.) Use the other color and drip a few drops of polish on a piece of paper. Take your sponge, dip it in the color and now just dab it on your nails.

3.) Try to create a gradient by dabbing more color on the tip of your nail. To blend the colors and have a beautiful shine use a clear top coat. Done! :D

Easy-peasy! (;

Awww~ these colors are so pretty and I'm in love with my nails! Color #1 is Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer '30 Lilactric', #2 is essenge color & go nail polish '173 over the rainbow'.
My camera couldn't catch the gorgeousness of both colors but on the last picture you can see the shimmers a little bit. The dark polish is a blue-ish duochrome violet, the light polish is a really light violet with greenish-yellow-golden shimmer. *0*
Are these colors your cup of tea?


  1. Oh Thanks for the tutorial. it look gorgeous. will try it at home. hope I wont mess it up.

  2. Your ombre looks very good.. I like it :-) GiG

  3. Ombre is the Go-to trend this SS14! You nailed this one :) I'll surely give it a try too

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!
    Follow on FB

  4. oh, so you used the sponge method! :) really pretty colours! i like how you flip the gradation and alternate it on your fingers!

  5. This is such a beautiful nail idea! I love how sparkly the second shade is :)


  6. Super duper beautiful! Thanks for sharing this look. I just love it and am now off to try it on too!

  7. These colours are gorgeous. I love how you have created a gradient, it looks really effective.

  8. Great colour choice!! And you did really well on the gradient effect!! =) gig

  9. Ombre is amazing! Almost half my clothes these days have ombre designs!

  10. love ombre design!!!! it look beautiful!!!!love it
    gig love

  11. great design! can you do it with my nails? hehe love it

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  12. It's awesomeeee! I can never achieve this beautiful ombre design T_T

  13. Thanks for the tutoriall ,I will always be messy if I create a nail art --
    Beautiful ombre nails ♥

  14. wow super stunning color babe!!!so pretty i want it for my nails too!!

  15. i love the darker colour! also great job at this :D i still need to try ombre nails

  16. Gorgeous! I love the mixture of hues here - The ombre effect is really dramatic and fun, but versatile! <3

  17. Love your nail! I can't make nail art like that but I always love to see them :)

  18. Love ombre nails. It really makes your nails look more dimentional. And I love the essence color. So cute.


  19. This looks so cool! You have a wonderful blog! <3

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  20. ich mag beide farbe! I've only ever done the ombre effect once, and with nail polishes that were meant for that, will have to try it the way you did!

    I just found your blog & am now following via GFC.
    Looking forward to keeping up!

    Diana | dianadegzz.blogspot.com

  21. Das sieht ja richtig schön aus! Toll geworden.

  22. love ombre design!!!! it look beautiful!!!!love it
    gig love
    brautkleider günstig

  23. Wanna wiseabove
    the whorizontal?
    Make Your Choice -SAW


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