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Januar 22, 2013

FOTD ♥ amber blaze ♥

Didn't use my MAC foundation here on these pictures as you can see, my face is much whiter than  the neck. The next FOTD's will be with my new foundation of MAC (: You already could see it in my eyebrow routine. Massive difference!!

'Amber blaze' is the name of this really beautiful copper-golden eyeshadow by the brand Mary Kay. It became one of my go-to eyeshadows when I'm in a rush. So this FOTD is really simple, I only used 'amber blaze', 'boxed' from the Sleek 'Oh so special' palette and my favorite highlighter by Catrice for the eyes.
It's not the newest FOTD but I simply forgot to post it. =__=
Thanks for all the comments to my eyebrow routine! I really appreciate it. (:


'Amber blaze' ist der Name von diesem wirklich schönen Kupfergoldenen Lidschatten der Marke Mary Kay. Er ist einer meiner go-to Lidschatten geworden, wenn es mal schneller gehen muss. Dieses FOTD ist wirklich einfach, ich habe nur 'amber blaze', 'boxed' von der Sleek 'Oh so special'-Palette und meinen Lieblings-Highlighter von Catrice für die Augen benutzt.
Es ist nicht das neueste FOTD, aber ich habe einfach vegressen, es zu posten. =__=
Danke für all die Kommentare zu meiner Augenbrauenroutine! Ich bin so dankbar dafür. (:



  1. Very pretty color Natalie! Looks great for neutral looks. :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  2. Really digging the nude/natural effect of this color! pretty lashes toO!

  3. I think you did a lovely job in creating those amber eyes. They're warm and so amiable to look at.

  4. Gorgeous! Your skin is perfect, and I am so jealous of your eyelashes :D

  5. Amber Blaze looks gorgeous on you! I really want to get my hands on more Sleek eyeshadow palettes too :)

  6. I love this look! The bronzes work amazingly on you! My mom is an MK consultant so I have a palette with a few eyeshadows and I LOVE them - especially at the cost! Amazing!

  7. This is beautiful! Great color combo

  8. I always love your eye-makeup!!
    I am your new follower :)



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