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Mai 03, 2014

review: C.B. 16 color eyeshadow & BOB crystal lipgloss

I got the opportunity to work together with Born Pretty Store and I was really happy to choose something from their website as I always wanted to order from them through their eBay store. They offer a huge amount of all things related to make-up, nail art and other things.
I chose a 16 color eyeshadow box and a lipgloss and I show you both of them including some swatches! How does that sound? (;

C.B. color box 16 colors eyeshadow, $17.86

First: I'm not sure if this price is correct. When I chose this I think it was cheaper... but I don't know anymore, sorry for that! All of these 16 eyeshadows are shimmery. They have a really shimmery, sometimes glittery overspray but when you rub that away the true shade will come to the surface. I have to say I'm pleased with the pigmentation, because I didn't expect much from it. (:
There are two color combinations available, I got #01! A mirror and also an eyeshadow sponge are included in the box.
You can see from my swatches above how nice they are! All swatches were made with an eyeshadow base! I will show some eye make-up looks with the palette when I have a little more time for it. (:
My rating: (3/5)

BOB crystal ligloss, $3.21

For this cheap price you get a decent lipgloss (12 ml). The color I got (#10) looks really peachy with golden glitter particles in it, but on the lips it's rather on the transparent side. A plus is that you don't feel the small pieces of glitter and it looks pretty on the lips. I would actually use this as a topper, for example on a pink lipstick - would look good! :D If you like rather transparent lip shades, then this is a lipgloss for you. It's not sticky and well scented and other than the poor pigmentation of this shade I have nothing to complain about! (:
I won't show any lip swatches because you can only see the golden shimmer on my lips - still nice! :D
My rating: (3/5)

Overall I'm really pleased with the customer service of Born Pretty Store and also of the help of Alicia, who helped me to chose the items and sent it to me. Greetings to you! (:
If you want to shop on their website don't forget to use my code to receive 10% off any order: NLH10! ♥

This review is sponsored. Nevertheless my opinion is always honest!


  1. wauw i love the colors of the eyepalet! BEAUTIFUL! lots of love
    www.rachelkromdijk.nl im glad im following you on gfc :)

  2. Die Palette sieht ja traumhaft schön aus! *.*

  3. Wow, da sind aber ein paar tolle Farben dabei <3

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wow! The eyeshadows are very pigmented!

  5. I love the lip glosses. Peach is one of my favorites!

  6. wow die lidschatten sind ja super pigmentiert! wunderschöne kräftige farben <3
    ich hoffe es geht dir gut, meine liebe:) bei mir läuft's rund, ich versuche jetzt einbisschen mehr zu bloggen... die letzten wochen waren ziemlich ruhig auf meinem blog.
    und danke noch für deinen kommi zu meinem outfit hihi:) mir persönlich gefallen spitze schuhe sehr und ich trage sie auch unheimlich gerne:)

    ganz liebe grüsse aus der schweiz xx

  7. The shadows look so good, I was surprised to see they're so pigmented! Great review!

  8. Oh wow the eyeshadows look divine! And they look absolutely pigmented! Amazing review and I wish to get my hands on those wonderful eyeshadows.

    Gig love,

  9. I love the eyeshadow colours but nearly $18 seems a lot to me for eyeshadow, I'd normally only spend £10 and I'd rather spend less haha.

    1. Hmm~ I think it's okay. It's just a little more than 1$ for one eyeshadow~ (:

  10. I really love the lipgloss! truth be told I'm a huge fan of lipgloss. :D I have multiple lipgloss in different colours. would love to give the lipgloss a try. :)

    Gig love,
    Siew Hui

  11. the eyeshadows are really pigmented! pretty colours!!!


  12. Great palette. Love that you showed on how it looks on the skin.


  13. the palette have the lovely vibrant colors and the lipgloss is so shiney.. i like it

    - from gig

  14. Those eye shadows are gorgeous!!

  15. the eye shadow colours look really pretty. and they're so affordable too!

  16. Great review dear!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Come and visit my blog if you want!

  17. Huch, bei dir siehts ja ganz anders aus!!! Voll hübsch! Gefällt mir voll gut die Farbkombi vom Design und das Profilbild ist sooooo sooo soooo hübsch! Du hast aber auch ein Porzellan-Gesicht!
    Also der Lidschatten gefällt mir echt gut muss ich sagen. Aber ich wurd auch angeschrieben und da waren die Sachen tatsächlich günstiger mein ich. Wie du ja schon schreibst. Muss aber auch sagen dass ich von dem Lidschatten auch nicht so ne tolle Farbabgabe erwartet hätte. Mir gefällts echt gut. Und so Glosse sind ja gerade im Sommer immer ganz cool. Da find ichs aber auch extrem wichtig, dass man diese Glitzerpartikel nicht spürt. Hast echt 2 tolle Sachen ausgesucht :-)

  18. I ike the bottom colours, they're flawless! And the gloos looks really nice for pouty lips!
    Lovely Blog, would you minf checking out mine?
    Alina à la Mode Blog

  19. Love the way the eyeshadows are shimmery and the jewel colours in the top row look great. I would definitely wear them.

  20. omg I love the lipgloss and the colours of eyeshadows are so lovely <3!

  21. wow! these colors are amazing! I like all of them!
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  22. Wow, the eyeshadow shades are amazing! I love the swatches. The gloss looks nice, too.

  23. those colours are absolutely gorgeous - love the shimmerr

  24. i love the shimmering eye shadow and the combination blue and gold. it great.
    Gig love

  25. I love those eyeshadows! the pigment is so dramatic and I love the added metallic shimmer. J'adore! <3 GIGLove

  26. The eyeshadow palette has some amazing colours! A very lovely combination. I'm not very good at eyeshadow, but I really do love bright colours GIG

  27. the eyeshadows are pigmented ,love it
    and the lipgloss i love the nude color

  28. Definitely love the colours, but they are so shimmery! I tend to stay away from shimmery things these days LOL!

  29. those eyeshadows are so pigmented! and whats best is the price! the swatches on the right is my fav

  30. wht the eyeshadow phorographed with flash is simply amazing. It's so bright and shining perfect for a night out.

  31. Wow. I love the eyeshadow. The colors are pretty. And seems pigmented.

    GIG Love,

  32. the pinks and purple are super pretty! Just read your profile - you are only 21! way to go girl!

    Our External World


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