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Februar 11, 2014

Where have I been? What will happen to the blog?

I mostly was at school. I started my training as a beautician student in September last year and it's not easy to go to school, have to work part-time, have a long distance relationship and try to blog. BUT I will try! I will definitely try.
Many things happened in my life and some of them were struggling. I'm also thinking about leaving Berlin. But these are only plans that I won't realize for now.
What happens to the blog? I don't have time for special make-up's anymore. I only wear simple and minimal make-up in the week and on the weekends I'm often too lazy, too tired or too busy to do special looks. Solution: This blog will be a little more personal. I really, really hope this will be ok for you! You are my readers and I want you to have fun on 4 Seasons! I will still write reviews, post swatches, show my shopping hauls and maybe post some outfits in between but I also think about writing down my thoughts, maybe tell you about my daily life, post some book reviews, show you my instagram photos and so on. (: I also want to write fashion reviews. Not only show you the things I got but also tell you how they are quality-wise. You know I'm a real saveaholic when it comes to shopping, so I mostly buy inexpensive clothes from ebay or Asian online shops. I will help you to select them. :D
What do you think about this?
I also made a new design with the help of a template and I really like it. ♥ It's really light and simple but this fits to my new concept. This blog won't be bilingual anymore! I really want to improve my English so in the future the posts won't have a German translation. I hope this is ok for you, as well.
If you have suggestions for topics on the blog - feel free to comment down!

I love 4 Seasons, I love to write posts and I love you, my readers. I won't give up.


  1. Awww. I know what you mean. I work and study at the same time. But I'm still glad that you will still be blogging about beauty and fashion and sharing your life with us! :)

  2. Schön wieder von dir zu hören :D Hab ja mitbekommen dass du ziemlich beschäftigt bist, aber naja, jetzt bist du wieder da *yaaay* ^^ Freu mich auf den neuen Wind der hier wehen wird hihi

    1. Danke! <3 Freut mich wirklich, dass du zu mir hältst~ :3

  3. Heyyy danke für deinen Kommi! freut mich , dass du immer noch meinen Blog liest! Das freut mich rieesig!

    Ich freu mich schon auf deine fashion reviews!!!

    ja ich werde auf jeden fall versuchen so oft ich kann was zu posten während ich in korea bin! :)



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