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Februar 13, 2014

Manhattan blush 'golden brown 39 W'

I'm happy that Manhattan changed their opinion to give their cosmetics specific names now. It's hard to memorize a certain blush, lipstick, lipgloss and so on when they don't have a certain name - but they're slowly changing it and give their products names. Yay~! Alright, today I'm showing you one of my new favorite cheek products, golden brown 39 W. :3

Golden Brown is a beautiful rusty copper toned blush which also can be used for slight contouring in the face, e.g. the cheekbones, the chin or the forehead - but only for warmer skintones! Its undertone is warm and shimmery. On the pictures it does look like there would be chunky pieces of glitter in it - actually it's not. Just a beautiful, warm golden glow will lay on your face after using this. (:
The texture is soft and you need to be a little careful when putting this on. Less is definitely more! Nevertheless the application is quite easy when you are a little skilled.
The brush which comes with it is soft but too small for my liking, because it's hard to blend. Better use your own favorite brush!

My result: One of my favorite blushes because it looks good with all warm lip colors, also with a bold red lip when 39 N is used a little more sheer. Pricewise this is below 5 €, so you can't do anything wrong. (:


  1. wow deer steht dir wunderbar! mir wäre der zu dunkel



  2. Der Blush ist sehr schön und steht dir super gut! Mir ist noch gar nicht aufgefallen, dass die Produkte jetzt Namen haben, find ich aber auch tausendmal besser :D

  3. Der Blush sieht richtig schön aus und steht dir ausgezeichnet! Im Döschen kam er mir fast etwas zu glitzerig vor, aber aufgetragen ist es super :)

  4. Wow, you are so beautiful and the blush matches perfectly tour skin color. Perfect choice.
    I'm following you now and it be great if you follow me too!

    Kisses form Hong Kong,

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