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April 01, 2014

review: Sammydress lace bag + playful jewelry

Hi girls! A new fashion review today. :3 (Or rather this evening, it's 11pm here in Germany, haha~)
This time Sammydress sent me a few items that I received a few days ago. I really was happy with the quality I received, because t's not always easy to select what's good and what not in these Asian online shops.
Ok, on to the things I got as a present! (And I have to say: I really love the bag!)

Leaf ring and butterfly earstuds

I think these are really cute. I wish I had received the golden leaf ring so I could wear it together with the studs but nevertheless it's cute. It looks a little more delicate on the website but I like how it looks. All the rhinestones are secure and until now none felt off.
The earstuds are super glittery and pretty in real life. Also, the butterfly looked a little more delicate on the website. The rhinestones are beautiful and the color is quite rainbow-ish.
My rating:  (3/5) for both items.

Lace tote bag

I'm in love q0q This will look so good with the feather print chiffon dress from my last review, right? It's perfect for me. Not too big, not too small, perfect for everyday usage and it looks exactly like on their pictures. It also has an secure adjustable strap that you can clip on or off. This is also available in a nude color (and white) and I think I want this...
The only thing I don't like is that sometimes the golden details sound tinny when they bump together. But this is criticism on a high level, right? (;
My rating:  (4.5/5)

I had an easy and uncomplicated contact with Lily from Sammydress. The shipping took long but this is normal for a journey from Asia to Germany. Too bad there's no free shipping on everything like on other Asian websites, because the shipping to Germany was quite expensive but still bearable.
I'm really satisfied with this shop and it's safe for you to take a look! (: Happy shopping.

This review is sponsored. Nevertheless my opinion is always honest!


  1. Your picks are all so classy! Those are the kind of stuff I'd pick out for myself :D

  2. Oh wow! I totally dig that bag you got there :)) The jewelry is super fab too! Gig

  3. Die Tasche sieht sehr schön aus, nur schade dass es da diese Reißverschlüsse hat. Ohne die würde es noch etwas besser aussehen.
    Der Schmuck ist nun eher weniger mein Geschmack, wobei die Idee mit dem Schmetterling wirklich zauberhaft ist.

    LG Sooyoona

    1. Oh, ich finde gerade die Reißverschlüsse so süß, haha~ :D Aber stimmt, das ist auf jeden Fall Geschmackssache! (:

  4. I found out about Sammydress aproximately 1 year ago, but I didn't dare to order anything yet. The ring is really pretty. gig

  5. I love the bag! I'm such a sucker of laces and black ones. Great choice! And oh the jewelries are pretty good too :) gig love


  6. you have great choices! i love the bag's details! and the jewelries too.. elegant!

    - from gig

  7. Love the leaf ring!! It's so cute =)) The bag is pretty too =D gig

  8. The ring looks really nice but my favorite is the bag. Classy~

  9. I've not heard of Sammydress before. Absolutely love the black handbag and I'd probably want it in nude as well. I especially like the zips on it, really classy!

  10. Great review - Thank you for sharing and for being so thorough. That ring is just too sweet! <3 GIGLove

  11. Love all your picks! Especially the leaf ring and the bag <3

  12. great jewellery picks esp the leaf ring, great post :) - www.carolinefashionstyling.com

  13. the bag is so cool and chic .... i prefer shopping on website which offers free shipping :)

  14. I like very much Sammydress website and the products you have chosen are marvellous
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  15. Love the jewelry you chose. The leaf ring and the butterfly earrings are both nice, so is the bag. :D

  16. That looks like a lovely bag with a lot of zipper details, shall head down to sammydress to check it out.. :D

    giglove, www.smallnhot.com

  17. Die Tasche ist super! ^^ Die Größe ist perfekt für den Alltag.


  18. I so love the lace bag! You just gave me an idea :) Hoping for my next order in Sammy Dress

  19. wow amazing bag u hv there...lovve the ring too..i nvr wear ring cos my finger r too fat!

  20. the first pieces of jewelry are so classy and cool. Simply lovely.

  21. the ring is lush! ive been staring at that bag for a while now haha so cute

  22. You received some great pieces of jewelry! I'm especially loving the hand bag.

  23. Love the ear studs and the ring. They're beautiful. And that bag is such a beauty. Love all your picks. :)

  24. the tote bag look elegan enough to bring it to office
    from gig love http://www.unlimitedbeautysecret.com/

  25. I love the rings. So beautiful. I can imagine myself for wearing those pretty rings. Great post.

    GIG Love,


  26. Oh that bag is adorable, love the lace details! Lovely review! xoxo


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